12 June 1979

Wilton Hash House Harriers

Wilton Hash welcomes new runners of any standard - just turn up!
You'll always get a friendly welcome and there's no commitment.
All runs are in the Salisbury area and normally start at 6:00 pm (all year round) unless noted.
Future Runs
Run No        Date                   Start                                 RV                               Hare                      Remarks
1937           25th Oct 16           6 pm                         The Three Crowns             Slowcoach               
                                                                                Whaddon (SP5 3HB) 
1938           1st Nov 16             6 pm                       Brown Street Car Park         Hi Gang                Apres: Rai D'Or Bar
                                                                                Salisbury (SP1 2AS)                                                                                                
1939           8th Nov 16              6 pm                                  TBC                          5 Minz             

1930           15th Nov 16            6 pm                                   TBC                           TBC