12 June 1979


RUN 1990 RV: Tally Ho Inn, Broughton Hare: Spice Boy Hounds: Alimentarty, 5 Minz, Slowcoach, Hi Gang, Polly and a non virtual Flashman this week, plus also a visitor, ‘Parcel Force’, from HOV H3.
Having gathered outside the RV and welcomed Parcel Force the Hare briefed that the trail was laid in R2D2 markings this week, but with no fishhooks and some explanation was needed to the pack on re-group markings, which for R2D2 are a circle with a cross inside that is a back-check for WH3. The Hare advised the route would be taking in new housing developments in the village and there would be a choice of route lengths later. Checking commenced and the ‘On’ was soon called west along Queenwood Rd before turning right into a familiar alleyway, but instead of heading along to Plough Gdns the trail turned left into a path along the backs of the houses, which took the hounds over a couple of interesting recent timber footbridges before emerging out at the location of the village millennium sign. More checking and it was across the Romsey Rd and some flexibility of body was then needed to get through a gap in the hedge and under a broken gate onto the sports field. Having travelled a short distance anti-clockwise around the edge of the field it was through another gate and back across the main road. The new housing developments were visited and there was some confusion over when was a bar not a bar? Apparently when it is used as part of R2D2 trail markings and is not a double bar! The old orchard area was visited and it was here, while some hounds were being assaulted by an over excited small dog that a late running Flashman caught up with the pack. The village school was passed before the trail headed along a path into a wooded area and emerged out along the bank of Wallop Brook. Having crossed the bridge over the brook and headed a short distance NE along a lane to reach Manor Farm it was a right turn and then along the familiar path SE at the rear of the houses. The water buffalo field was reached and the pack was given the chance of a short-cut back to the RV along Rectory Lane, but no one took that option so the trail continued along the path to the SE. At the next path junction the option of a medium length route was offered by the Hare and 3 hounds took that option while the remainder, along with the Hare, carried on SE for a long loop. Meanwhile the 3 hounds headed SE along Rookery Lane before finding a check at the gate where the path across the water meadow starts towards Mill House. Hi Gang checked further along the lane and was not seen again, apparently he had found blobs, and thought he was ‘On’ but eventually ran out of markings and decided to cut his losses and return back to the RV. Meanwhile 5 Minz and Slowcoach, the other two hounds, found their way across the meadow and through the strip of woodland to the Old Mill and then crossed Horsebridge Rd and joined the path that led NW past the rear of the properties bordering the aforementioned road. The rear of Chez Polly was passed and the trail continued along the path before finally turning right and heading down to the road, opposite the Post Office and back to the RV. Those on the longer route soon arrived back having joined up with the medium route. In the pub the crit was given by 5 Minz, he described the trail including the slight confusion at the start with the regroup check symbol, the difficulty of getting through the broken gate onto the sports field and the route through the new housing developments which led to some bewilderment for the WH3 pack due to the application of bars R2D2 style! Hi Gang checking along Horsebridge Rd and finding the long route but in the opposite direction was mentioned too! Overall the Hare was thanked for a good trail that had taken about the hour for 3.5 miles on the long route. 5 Minz was then presented with his certificate for 1100 runs missed last week. When the JM started his regular feature of reading a Hareline from 20 years ago the hounds mentioned seemed very familiar, when 5 Minz realized he was reading last week’s Hareline by mistake!! On 3 not being present there was no award of the Frogit this week. On On
RUN 1989 RV: Brown Street Car Park, Salisbury Hare: Hi Gang Hounds: Alimentarty, 5 Minz, Slowcoach, On 3, All’s Well, and a virtual Flashman. Après: The Rai D’Or
As the Hon Pres/Words turned into the car park with 5 minutes to go there was a distinct lack of any hounds’ cars, had he got the wrong venue or the wrong week, would he have to do all the checking himself?! However he was reassured to see waiting on the adjacent footpath the Hare, on his own and looking distinctly lonely! Where was everyone, had they been put off by the wet afternoon? However soon they started to trickle in with first All’s Well arriving, followed shortly by the two JMs, with Dillon in the car with them for a welcome return to WH3. With a more respectable number of hounds now present the Hare gave a brief brief advising that the trail had been laid in flour and he had used some of his signature four blob checks. Checking commenced and the ‘On’ was soon called off to the east and the Culver Street multi-storey car park. Having reached the lower level were we going to be taken for a tour of the other levels as the Hare had done on previous trails? No, because having teased the pack by taking them to a check at the exit onto Culver Strt Alimentarty found the ‘On’ around the edge of the building and then north to Milford Strt. The trail then continued in that direction to reach The Greencroft park. More checking and it was off into Bourne Hill Gardens and a cut across the grass to reach the site of the old swimming pool. After some checking the Hare’s guidance was needed to find the trail diagonally across Wyndham Park to exit onto Swaynes Close. The footbridge over the railway was crossed at the end of Marlborough Rd and after teasing the hounds with the possibility that it might be across the bridge over the ring road the ‘On’ was in fact called down the hill to the Castle Strt underpass. Having searched the various possibilities the ‘On’ was found west along Nelson Rd to a check on the footpath by the river. Here, while the pack was regrouping, On 3 caught up and joined the hounds. Was it to be into and around the nearby Waitrose car park? No, as the trail headed along the edge of the ring road before using the underpass near the filling station and heading into the Spire View housing. After various twists and turns the trail headed out onto Fisherton Street, under the rail bridge and along Dews Rd to the junction with West & North Strts. More checking and the trail was called along South Strt and Rectory Rd and out onto Mill Rd where 5 Minz nearly got wiped out by a Landrover speeding around the corner! Having crossed to the safer confines of Queen Elizabeth Gardens the trail meandered around there before following the path along the riverside and emerging out by the river bridge. Most hounds seemed to miss a On Inn sign that the Hare claimed he had laid in the vicinity of the bridge as we were on the wrong side of the road but On3 and Dillon were seen racing off along Crane Strt and New Strt in the direction of the RV and so the remainder of the pack followed in that direction back to the RV. Having repaired to The Rai D’Or the crit was given by Alimentarty who described the run and noted that it was a trail of no falsies! The Hare said that one thing he had meant to brief at the beginning was that there was 30 checks laid in 2½ miles distance!  Overall the Hare was thanked for a very good trail. It was then noted that 5 Minz had reached a landmark in achieving 1100 runs, only the second hound to achieve this remarkable statistic after his fellow JM. He was congratulated and presented with a bottle of the Scottish Fire Water in commemoration, with a certificate to follow. The ‘Frogit’ was then awarded by On 3 to himself for being late! On On!   
After all had left and later that evening the Hon Sec received an email from Flashman who had arrived very late at the RV due to car trouble, he had run the trail evidenced by output from his GPS watch, but arrived back at the RV after the rest of the pack had just departed, hence the ‘virtual’ comment earlier!  On On.

RUN 1988 RV: The Wheatsheaf Inn, Wilton Hare: On 3 Hounds: Alimentarty, 5 Minz, Slowcoach, Hi Gang, All’s Well, Polly, Spice Boy and Headley Hound. A goodly sized pack this week, almost in double figures, for a trail by On 3 at a RV not used for some time, with occasional visitor Headley Hound welcomed back to the pack. In discussion prior to the brief it transpired that there had been some confusion in the minds of two senior hounds as to the location of the RV; Hi Gang thought that it was at The Greyhound in Wilton and went there first and 5 Minz was heading for next week’s RV in Brown Street when his fellow JM put him right! This set the tone for what happened later. Having assembled in the car park of the RV the landlady came out and asked us to move as we had filled up the car park and she was expecting overnight visitors, so some of the pack moved their vehicles to the Wilton Shopping Village car park. Having reassembled at the RV the Hare’s brief confirmed a trail laid in flour earlier and checking commenced. There was immediate confusion with Alimentarty and Slowcoach thinking a blob on the corner of North Street was also on the A36 and finding two more called the ‘On’ west along the main road, only to be brought back by the Hare as the correct trail was opposite, along the pretentiously named Primrose Hill, a very short cul-de-sac leading to the Fair Field where Fairground vehicles were appropriately parked-up and one hound while checking was accosted by a women from the Fair demanding to know where the power supply was?! Meanwhile the correct trail was found by Alimentarty NW past the scout hut and down to the main road by the railway bridge. Slowcoach then checked NE along the nearby Kingsway and called the ‘On’ but Hi Gang also thought he had found it further along the main road and so the Hare had to give direction again! Having crossed one railway bridge the ‘On’ was called SE across a field to intersect with The Avenue where the check was found on the top of a log, which All’s Well promptly sat on saying he was “logged on”! The trail then turned left and followed a path up the hill through the narrow belt of trees running parallel with the road. Having reached a check and crossed the road into Marchment Close the trail then headed back down the hill, past the old entrance to the former HQ Land Command and soon diverted left into the new housing of Bailey Lane, where the Officers’ Mess buildings had once stood. Hi Gang thought there was a blob in the middle of the path, confirmed by Slowcoach and called the ‘On’ down towards the A36, but had to be called back as that first blob was in fact some crushed chalk! This was followed by various meanderings about the housing estate taking the pack through to the Fugglestone Estate and at one point a back check was found. 5 Minz didn’t follow the rest of the pack and checked across the main road but had to come back as there was no trail there. Double checks now became evident but they were not accompanied by double blobs, so it became a retracing of the route already taken, crossing The Avenue then over the field below the park & ride site and back down Kingsway. However before that 5 Minz had a conversation with the Hare and took the intelligent line by heading off back down The Avenue to his vehicle parked at the shopping village. Others split off taking various routes back to the RV, including the official route via Primrose Hill!   In the pub the crit was given by 5 Minz and Alimentarty who commented on the route and the various confusing aspects including the double call at the beginning and soon after at Kingsway. The meandering through the housing, the back check and the double checks without double blobs was mentioned! Overall the Hare was thanked for a confusing trail. The ‘Frogit’ was then presented by Spice Boy to the Hare for a “rubbish trail” and a ‘down down’ was delivered and consumed to the properly sung accompaniment. On On!

RUN 1987 RV: The Silver Plough, Pitton Hare: Slowcoach Hounds: Alimentarty, 5 Minz, Hi Gang, All’s Well, Polly, Flashman and Spice Boy. After the Famous Five runs of the past few weeks it was the Enormous Eight (in WH3 terms anyway!) this week, with various hounds back from their injuries and time away in Wales and Scotland. Polly was walking wounded with a crutch after taking a tumble on a recent R2D2 run; was he going for the sympathy vote? Also Spice Boy was there too after a summer recuperating from Lime’s disease. Clearly it was a brave decision to come to this run in view of the Hare’s reputation for long runs. However with his recently acquired OS Map App. the Hare had good news in the brief forecasting that the trail should only take about 56 mins; time would tell! Otherwise it was standard WH3 rules and laid in shavings. Checking commenced and after most hounds were convinced it must be off to the NE along The Green and some hesitation by Alimentarty he soon called the ‘On’ NW along White Hill to the X-roads with the High Strt and Slate Way. The route turned  into a loop which took the pack firstly up the hill to the village school before turning right along Above Hedges lane before turning right into Back Lane then Church Lane before emerging out onto the High Strt by the parish church. Two ways and almost inevitably it was a climb up the path opposite to reach The Green lane. This was followed by a steeper climb up the path to reach the ridge at the top overlooking the valley. While checking commenced Flashman was busy collecting grass to feed a horse in the adjacent paddock, who recognised a soft touch when he saw one! However it was soon along the path past the horses to intersect with a farm track running NE-SW. While others explored the path to Farley to the SE Hi Gang set off along the track to the SW and was rewarded by calling the ‘On’. Having reached another check it was off to the SE along a path where All’s Well, not heading the Hare’s warning at the brief about tree roots and stumps, managed to trip over and lose his torch. Once he realised he had lost it he went back looking for it, with directions from the Hare on a shortcut back, not to be seen again until the pub. The rest of the pack headed anti-clockwise round the corner of a field and then SW along a track to intersect with the Farley-Pitton road. It was soon over the road onto the farm track opposite and across a couple of the fields to join up with a designated circular path through the trees. It was now effectively a long On Inn as the path took the hounds in a northerly direction and down a slope to join up with a lane last the village hall and back to the RV. In the pub the crit was given by Alimentarty who noted that it had been a long time since last running here; being WH3’s first RV in 1979! It had been a short brief with no twiddly bits. After looping through the village it had been a steep climb up to the ridge where some felt somewhat ‘horse’. All’s Well went for his trip and lost his torch, how he managed to find it in the gathering gloom was another matter and he and Polly did join up and made it back to the RV ok? Hi Gang commented that for the first time in living memory the Hare had managed to lay a trial of almost spot on the hour! On On.  The ‘Frogit’ was then presented to Spice Boy for being brave enough to come on a WH3 trail while recuperating from Lyme’s disease! 

RUN 1986 RV: The Plough Inn, Durrington Hare: Alimentarty Hounds: 5 Minz, Slowcoach, All’s Well and Polly. Another Famous Five run this week, with other regular hounds away on non hashing commitments. Polly also arrived on time again this week – he will have to be careful as its becoming a habit! The Hare’s short brief confirmed the trail was laid in shavings, normal WH3 rules, if no blobs within 30m that wasn’t the trail and cryptically to look upwards for part of the trail. Also the local constabulary had been warned of trail laying activity in case local residents called them. Checking commenced and Slowcoach was minding his own business looking for blobs north along the road when an X4 bus hooted at him, the doors opened and who should be in the driving seat but On 3, without his running gear and not keen to ask his passengers to wait while he went for a run! After a bit of verbal badinage he departed and the ‘On’ was called north to the junction with The Ham. Following a brief foray east Slowcoach was on the money again when he found the ‘On’ south along the path by the Avon Valley College to the junction with Milston View. It was then on east to the Sports Centre car park and a familiar route south along the access road to the Centre, across the recreation ground, into the housing and along to Avondown Rd. Having arrived at the junction with the Bulford Rd Polly seemed to get confused and tried to check out a route into the doctor’s surgery opposite, was he not feeling well? Having been brought back by the Hare, it then became a typical Alimentarty trail, with lots of twists and turns through the streets eventually arriving, via Marina Close, out onto Stonehenge Rd. A short climb up the hill followed and the pack was opposite the Stonehenge Inn. Slowcoach tried the road down to the nearby park but the Hare had other ideas and it was off to the nearby Stonehenge Roundabout. The new trail was found north along the verge of the main A345 and Polly had to be reprimanded by the JM for stopping to have a tinkle by the side of the road in plain view and frightening passing motorists! Having reached the end of a fenced area containing a new orchard 5 Minz remembered the Hare’s words about looking upwards and noticed blobs on the tops of the wooden fence posts and so was able to call the ‘On’ along virgin territory by the side of the compound! Having entered the housing once more the trail meandered through the various streets before arriving at Coronation Rd and a familiar path round the back of the houses. The Hare indicated 3 ways, but the familiar path proved to be a falsie and instead it was ‘On’ along to the Bulford Rd and On Inn north back to the RV. In the pub 5 Minz gave the crit and described the route noting that it had been from one village pub to the other and back again in typical ‘Tarty’ fashion. There had been a trail on virgin territory around the orchard and allotment area and the JM was pleased he had remembered the Hare’s brief about looking up and saw the blobs on top of the fence posts! Polly’s almost trip to the doctors was recounted as was his call of nature at the roadside! In summary the Hare was thanked for an excellently laid trail at short notice that had taken about 70 mins. On On   
The ‘Frogit’ was then presented to All’s Well by its previous holder, the Hare, for being well behaved and doing nothing wrong during the run!