12 June 1979


RUN 1961 RV: Tesco Car Park, Station Rd, Tidworth Hare: Alimentarty Hounds: 5 Minz, Slowcoach, All’s Well and Polly. Après: The Boot Inn, Shipton Bellinger. Another week, another Tesco Car Park, but this time it was the one at Tidworth. The small but perfectly formed pack assembled near the car wash area and the Hare confirmed normal WH3 rules, laid in shavings and if you had gone more than 50 or 60m you were on the wrong trail! Checking commenced and the ‘ON’ was soon called SW down Ashdown Terrace. At the next check Plantation Rd was tried, but instead it was ‘ON’ to the SW end of Furse Hill Rd. That was explored too but without success and it was SE along to Church Lane. A loop was found here around Bishop’s Close before rejoining the lane and heading up the hill past the Mortuary Chapel and into the woods, with a climb up the slope to the phone mast near the top of Furze Hill. It was now into the trees and after various twists and turns in a northerly direction (with the Hare having marked the trunks of the trees with chalk so he knew where he was going!) the trail dropped down a track to intersect with the road to Perham Down. Slowcoach was on form as he found the next three ‘ONs’ as the trail crossed the road and followed the tree line north. However this being an Alimentarty trail housing had to be involved and after turning left and following a path through the trees to the edge of the housing followed by a loop around to the south along a steep slope it was in to the housing estate. More twists and turns as the trail headed through the estate in a general southerly direction, with Hare keeping up the pace before the pack finally emerged out onto Station Rd and it was On Inn along the path at the rear of the store back to the RV.   In the pub the crit was given by 5 Minz, who noted that this was a new venue for WH3 and clearly there had been lots of reconnaissance by the Hare, as evidenced by the marks on the tree trunks in the wood! Slowcoach had checked upwards 3 times at the beginning, clearly expecting the trail to be up the hill, before he was correct! Despite it being a lovely sunny evening we had spent a lot of time in the shade amongst the trees. It was noted too we had met a couple walking in the woods trying to get fit, unusually without a dog! Polly was complimented as being an FRB at one stage finding the trail into the housing!  Overall the Hare was thanked for an excellent trail that had taken about 80 mins. On On 

RUN 1960 RV: Tesco Car Park, Southampton Rd Hare: 5 Minz Hounds: Alimentarty, Slowcoach, On3, All’s Well and Polly. Après: The Duck, Laverstock. An unusual venue this week with the pack assembling in the supermarket car park near the car wash business and waited for the late running Hon Pres, who arrived 5 mins late, to get changed! Polly was keen to be off as he had a subsequent meeting with the Bourne Valley H3 and needed to be away by 7:00! At the brief the Hare advised there were three possible ways and while Slowcoach started to head off on one of the options the Hare gave Polly a hint which way to go; this was heard by the other hounds and so the pack was quickly off in that direction, towards the New Petersfinger Rd. This was followed by Slowcoach, using a bit of local knowledge, finding the trail along the old Petersfinger road. The route then turned left up the track past the old guide camp and under the rail bridge. At the next path junction On 3 and Slowcoach went searching along the path NE towards Clarendon, but instead the ‘On’ was called NW on the other path towards the junction with Queen Manor Rd. After another check the junction with Milford Mill Lane was reached and there were two options, with the ‘On’ being found SE across the field to Dairy Meadow Lane. After passing some horses having a pedicure with a farrier it was no surprise that the route then headed SW along the lane past the traveller’s site to a check by the former PC World store. The Hare tried to tempt the hounds round the car park but most felt it was too soon to head back and instead found the ‘On’ west along the Southampton Rd. The Hare had laid the trail amongst the bushes bordering the Homebase car park but, much to the Hare’s annoyance, On 3 ignored that and ran along the edge of the car park and found the next check by the Esso filling station. Lots of checking here with most hounds thinking the trail must be NE along the adjacent Farley Rd or west towards Churchill Gardens. However instead the trail was found across the road and it was then east along the main road towards the B&Q store and after crossing the road again it was On Inn past Halfords and back to the RV. At this point Polly disappeared to his other hash meeting and the remaining hounds headed off to The Duck at Laverstock. In the pub the crit was given by Alimentarty, he noted that when he arrived at the RV with his fellow JM they were on their own, but were soon joined by Polly and then All’s Well. The route was described and the various notable aspects, including the Hare telling Polly which way to go at the start and others hearing and joining in! On 3 not following the trail through the bushes by Homebase and running along the edge of the car park instead was mentioned as was the looping back of the trail at Homebase and crossing the road, which surprised the pack and the Hare pointed out there had been a blob laid at the island in the middle too!. Overall though the Hare was thanked for an excellent trail that had taken about 45 mins. On On       

RUN 1959 RV: The Lord Nelson. Middle Winterslow Hare: Slowcoach Hounds: Alimentarty, 5minz, On3, All’s Well and Polly. The small pack assembled in the car park of the RV and welcomed back All’s Well. They were then confronted by the pub landlord who demanded to know what was going on?! He was placated by the Hare who explained we would be in for a drink later. At the brief it was pointed out by 5 Minz that the Hare was the odd man out being the only one not in a high viz jacket! The brief confirmed normal WH3 rules and no fishhooks or other extraneous signs and checking commenced. After checking other options the ‘On’ was called along the path opposite the village shop and through to the sports field. Alimentarty was on good form finding the check at the SW corner of the sports field and then along the path that led across the fields towards the church. However on reaching the corner of an adjacent field On 3 took over FRB duties finding the trail past the small dew pond and south across the field to the kissing gate leading onto The Plantation road. Polly thought the trail must then head SE across the adjacent field, but he had to be called back as instead the trail turned right and headed up to the junction with Livery Rd. On 3 then thought it must be to the south and he had to be called back as the trail turned right again and it was NW along The Street towards the church. On 3 and 5 Minz having checked towards the church had to retrace their steps as the ‘On’ was called along the track opposite and it was then SE along the track for some distance before emerging out onto Livery Rd once more opposite Weston Lane. The pack was onto more familiar territory now and a number of hounds headed NE along the lane, stopping briefly at a check opposite the chapel before disappearing into the strip of woodland leading up to the junction with track leading back to the sports field. The Hare had laid a 5 Minz signature triangular check here and he named the junction ‘piddling corner’ due to certain hounds taking advantage of the cover to answer calls of nature! This being a Slowcoach trail there was no shortcut here and the hounds were taken along the lane, first to Barry’s Field and then around the bend in the road to the familiar barns. The Hare’s usual modus operandi here was to turn right and head along the track to Witt Rd, but this time he had taken pity on the pack and instead the trail took them along the road for a short distance before turning left and going along the side of Barry’s Field to the path leading back to the RV. However the Hare had more in store and instead the trail headed right down the hill to the rear of the village hall. On 3 kept trying to find the falsie by going in the opposite direction to what he thought was the obvious way back and instead finding that he was ‘On’! So it was now as he found the trail along the path at the rear of the hall to the junction with Middleton Rd. The path leading up the hill past the backs of the houses in Young’s Paddock was traversed next until it reached the old roman road known as The Causeway. No way back here too and it was Alimentarty who checked north across the adjacent field and found the ‘On’ as the Hare took the hounds on one final loop via the Cooper’s Farm House and then west across the fields back to the RV. In the pub the crit was given by 5 Minz who described the route and the various notable aspects, including the landlord at the beginning and naming ‘piddling corner’. On 3 was described as being all over the place running about like a lunatic at times, as if he had found a fishhook! ‘Tarty’ had found a seat at one point and landed on his ass there. There had been an argument just before the end of the trail with On 3 saying the path had been trimmed when in fact it was the hedge!! The Hare was thanked for a run that had taken 80 mins.On On

RUN 1958 RV: The Star, East Tytherley. Hare: Spice Boy. Hounds: Alimentarty, 5minz, Hi Gang, and late comer, Polly. Why Care? Why care that the rain had descended in stair rods? Or that the sky finished expending its choler as the Hare exited from the warmth and dryth of The Star, for the brief? Or that the attendant pack brought to mind “small is beautiful"? Or that there were no fish-hooks? Or of Polly’s lateness? Or that the three pre-eminent hounds each realised a productive search from the first three checks? Or of the essentially contrary nature of this trail to that of a previous occasion? Or that something like half the hounds lost their way, that time? Or, this time, that Alimentarty landed on his ass while short cutting? Or that the Hare ran off, calling ON ON, only to back track past the pack because, he said, he’d forgotten to lay an arrow for Polly to follow; bluff or no bluff, how devious was that? Or that a householder questioned Polly concerning identification markings for housebreakers? Or that Polly’s effusive diplomacy was convincing? Or, if imagining an apple cut in half, that Polly searched the left half, as it were, clockwise from the stem, while the true trail, to the right, led anti-clockwise? Or that Polly overran the last check in common, at the base of the apple, as it were? Or that the inward trail became a hare-and-hounds chase across fields of sodden turf? Or that so many stiles once put Hi Gang a stile behind? So, again, why care? Why care about any of these things? Well, because, thanks to Spice Boy’s application, it was a ludic treat! And finally, and not least, that, at the après, Hi Gang suggested that Vaseline must be the medicine with the most diverse usage of all medicines. And that others’ childhood memories of medicines included calamine lotion for spots, Which Hazel for bruises, TCP for bites, and Haliborange and Virol for general childhood health. May it now be suggested that a dessert spoonful of Marmite (or Bovril) (can’t get Virol anymore) whisked into a glass of boiling gold-top milk, cooled and served over crushed ice, would make a revolting M.S.?  ON ON. Till your toes turn up! (Words kindly supplied by 5 Minz)

RUN 1957  RV: The Orchard, Archer’s Gate, Amesbury Hare: Alimentarty Hounds: 5 Minz, Slowcoach, Hi Gang, On 3, Polly and an on-time Flashman!
On 3 was with us this week with a cheeky smile showing a missing a front tooth and hoping for a huge windfall from the tooth fairy, to pay for its replacement (Budapest here we come?)!  
The Hare’s brief talked of a mixture of shavings and chalk to delineate the trail and he had also warned off the local constabulary in case of social media concerns. This being in the JM’s favourite territory, i.e. lots of housing, there was going to be lots of twists and turns and we were not to be disappointed. Having set off north the pack was soon into the first loop that took the pack to the recreation ground off Harvard Way, where Flashman had a try on the rope swing, before doubling back towards the RV and then heading through a gap in the fence NE towards Allington Way. Having headed SE along there for a short distance it was a right turn down Romsey Rd, past some married quarters and at the end the way was almost blocked by Heras fencing protecting an area where garages were being demolished. Fortunately we could squeeze past at the side of the fencing and it was through the foliage and out onto the open grass area bordering the road round the estate. After a brief dash along the grass it was a left turn through the bushes and around the fenced off sports area where a short cutting Polly was found hiding behind an electrical feeder pillar! A familiar route here with the trail using a path through to Martlesham Rd and the SE end of Allington Way. Slowcoach, while checking along Wilcot Close disturbed a young courting couple laid in a swing in the play park; not sure who was more startled, the couple or the hound!
The trail now headed off south along Stockport Rd before turning right back into a new area of the estate and used the old drover’s track that goes between low flying corner and Amesbury. The trail then turned to the NE and wended its way through the houses until emerging out onto the ring road once more for a final short distance, before heading back into the housing and On Inn back to the RV. The Hare thinking he had lost his keys set off to find them, only to remember after 5 minutes that he had come with 5 Minz and didn’t have them!! In the pub 5 Minz gave the crit. On 3’s missing front incisor was mentioned as was the fellow JM thinking he had lost his keys when he had not brought them! 5 Minz said that in the early part of the run the Hare was praying for darkness as the trail was very visible in the remaining daylight. The JM also said at one point he and Polly, having been given a shortcut, were nearly discovered by Hi Gang, but fortunately at the last moment the ‘On’ was called elsewhere and he went back. Overall the Hare was thanked for a good typically intricate ‘Tarty’ trail that had taken about 60 mins. On On