12 June 1979


RUN 1997 RV: Durrington Swimming Pool Car Park Hare: Alimentarty Hounds: Slowcoach, On 3, Hi Gang and Polly and Fakir. Après: The Plough, Durrington.  A ‘Famous Five’ run this week, as both JM 5 Minz and All’s Well were ‘hors–de-combat’, with the hounds gathering in and around the busy car park. The Hare’s brief advised that the trail had been laid with wood shavings earlier in the day and that normal WH3 rules applied. Checking commenced and the ‘On’ was soon called along Milston View by On 3. More checking and the trail took the pack along to the Bulford Rd, followed by a sneaky path near the après location that led the hounds to the village war memorial. No turn back into the Hare’s favourite territory, the houses, this week. Instead it was over the river bridge and off across the fields, with the Hare teasing the pack as to the correct direction. No trail along the footpath but it was off across the field instead, with the hounds grateful the ground was still partially frozen in view of the amount of mud at the next farm gate to be reached. Was it to be north towards Brigmerston, or east towards Milston? After checking both options the trail was found towards Milston. Having reached the village the trail meandered about taking the pack across another field to reach a road and then looped back across the River Avon once more. It was now a familiar trail along the river bank to reach The Ham, followed by a turn left past the Avon Valley College and On Inn back to the RV.
In the pub Hi Gang had been nominated to give the crit as the JM was absent. He described the route including the sneaky cut through near the pub, the different trail options across the fields and the benefit of having it crunchy underfoot avoiding the worst of the shiggy at farm gates! Overall he thanked the Hare for a nice reasonably short trail on a cold frosty night. Slowcoach, the current custodian of the Froggitt hadn’t noticed any misdemeanours on the way round so he awarded it to himself for another week.On On!

RUN 1996 RV: The Wheatsheaf, Lower Woodford Hare: On 3 Hounds: Alimentarty, 5 Minz, Slowcoach, Hi Gang, All’s Well, Polly and Fakir. Polly had recovered from last week’s tumble, albeit with stitches in the wound in his forehead! A short run was promised by the Hare this week ahead of the Hash Christmas Meal and as the Hare’s shift finished around the start of the run he had sent Slowcoach a map of the route, which was just as well and he would be catching up later! So on behalf of the Hare Slowcoach gave a short brief confirming that the trail had been laid in flour the previous day and normal WH3 rules applied. Checking commenced from the corner of the car park entrance and the substitute Hare had to give some direction to try the footpath that started a few metres away from the pub, as noted on the map. However that was overgrown and so the adjacent house drive was tried, which proved correct as the path entrance began after passing some building works. A field was reached and once checking commenced the pack became separated as Hi Gang and Alimentarty headed further west across the field looking for the trail, while 5 Minz, Fakir and Slowcoach tried to follow the map which showed the route along the eastern edge of the field. A stile was located and the hounds followed the path beyond which soon intersected with the lane leading to Salterton Farm. The correct route was over a stile into the field beyond where the hounds cast around looking for any signs of a blob, with little success! Slowcoach, following the map, indicated that the hounds needed to cross a farm gate and head NW along the road but only Fakir joined him. So they headed NW until reaching the row of cottages at the southern end of Middle Woodford where a check was found and the trail then double backed up a slope and south along the fence line of the field beyond. Miraculously, on approaching the gate at the edge of Salterton Farm, the pack joined up once more and continued to head south following the marked path across the fields. On reaching the gap in the hedge near ‘The Bays’ house the real Hare caught up and commenced directing proceedings. It was a turn for home as the trail headed north along the road before cutting off through the adjacent wood and re-emerging out by the wood yard for the final sprint back to the RV.
Having all assembled in the dining room for the Christmas Meal in the crit was given by Alimentarty who described the difficulties of locating the trail, the splitting up of the pack and then re-gathering and the Hare joining towards the end. The Hare was thanked for the trail of 50 mins in length and for organising the meal. Slowcoach was then awarded the Froggitt for failing to keep the pack together and on the correct route, despite having a map - On On!!  A great Christmas Meal was then enjoyed by all.    
RUN 1995 RV: The Horse & Groom, Wilton Rd Hare: Hi Gang Hounds: Alimentarty, 5 Minz, Slowcoach On 3, All’s Well and Polly. A recently re-opened RV this week and the brief was even later than usual due to late arriving hounds Polly and Slowcoach delaying the Off! The Hare confirmed the trail had been laid in flour and, similar to last week, warned of slippery paths and tree roots to beware of. The Hare also advised that checking should commence across the road on the south side and then tried to fool the pack into re-crossing the road to check on the north side! The trail took the hounds down Ashfield Rd to Churchfields Rd and then east along to Stephenson Rd. It wasn’t long before the route led down an alleyway to the bank of the River Nadder, where the warning of slippery surfaces and tree roots came into force. 5 Minz led the way as the path followed the route of the river in a wide curve around the edge of the industrial estate. The local canoe club premises were passed by as hardy souls in wet suits were practising slalom manoeuvres in the river under floodlights! Having emerged out onto Lower Rd, near the junction with Cherry Orchard Lane, the ‘On’ was soon called west along the road; Polly, trying to navigate a narrow gap between a parked van and a boundary wall, tripped and had an argument with a hard surface, with his forehead coming off the worst! Slowcoach, arriving just after the incident, saw the extent of the injury, with dripping blood and after checking he seemed to be ok advised Polly to go directly back to the RV, which he did. Once Slowcoach had briefed the pack, who were waiting further along, on Polly’s injury the trail continued, with Alimentarty in the lead along a path that headed north and crossed over the railway line into Gramshaw Rd, and then On up to meet the A36 opposite Australian Ave. Having crossed the road the trail headed into the Montgomery Gdns, Christie Miller Rd area, using various sneaky paths across open ground and along the backs of houses to disorientate the hounds, before finally emerging out onto Highbury Ave. It was then ‘On Inn’ down the hill and back to the RV, where a still blooded Polly was being tended to by the pub staff. He revealed that he had lost his glasses in the incident. So the Hare went off on his bike to look for them and returned soon after, having successfully located them, albeit that one arm was detached. So sellotape was borrowed from the pub staff and the Hare made a temporary repair for Polly! After that excitement Alimentarty gave the crit, described the route and the various notable aspects, particularly Polly’s accident, which resulted in him being awarded the Froggitt!In summary the Hare was thanked for a very good trail that had taken 70 mins. On On.

RUN 1994 RV: The Duck Inn, Laverstock Hare: Slowcoach Hounds: Alimentarty, 5 Minz, On 3, Hi Gang, All’s Well and Polly. All’s Well was living up to his name as he was welcomed back, fit to run, from a short period of recuperation following a close encounter with the medical profession and a scalpel! Slowcoach was back too from his Hashing adventures in Cyprus, attending the 50th Anniversary of the Episkopi HHH; probably the last all male Hash in the World, albeit the Anniversary weekend consisted of open runs with female, male and canine participants! After the sunshine and blue skies of the Mediterranean it was back to reality for the Hare, with darkness, dampness and low temps! The Hare’s brief confirmed normal WH3 rules, laid in shavings and flour depending upon the ground and that the prediction of the time and distance from the OS App was 65mins for 4.60Km. Checking commenced and with a bit of help from the Hare the ‘On’ was called NE along the path following the tree line at the base of Laverstock Down. Having tried various options into the housing opposite and the path towards the schools the route took the pack south for a climb along a narrow path towards the top of the Down. At a check near the top On 3 caught up fresh from his shift, advising that Polly was on his way too. The Hare warned the pack to be careful of tree roots and stumps during the next part of the trail, having come off worst from an encounter with an exposed root across the path when laying the trail the previous evening! Having reached Queen Manor Rd it was west along the road to more familiar territory at the bottom of Shady Bower, where the Hare confirmed there had been a check laid despite little evidence! The trail led the hounds for a climb up Milford Hollow. 5 Minz, having checked along Manor Farm Rd, found he could have saved himself some time by cutting up via the path past the houses to the alleyway through to the Hollow, rather than going back to the check! Having reached the top of Milford Hill via the path across to Shady Bower, Hi Gang and On 3 led the hounds along Laverstock Rd for a short distance before turning left and cutting across to The Avenue via Millbrook. It was then along via Elm Grove to Manor Rd. The hour was approaching as the pack called the ‘On’ east along Kelsey Rd, before Alimentarty found the trail left down Wessex Rd. The scent of the beer was clearly in the FRB’s nostrils now as On 3 and Hi Gang led the way home via Laverstock Rd and Mayfair Rd. In the pub 5 Minz gave the crit noting that we hadn’t been over Laverstock Down for some time. The warnings about tree roots and stumps had the desired effect as there had been no trips, but once along Queen Manor Rd there had been a paucity of blobs until Milford was reached and one or two checks had been conspicuous by their absence, despite the Hare protesting that he had definitely laid them! Overall the Hare was thanked for a good trail that had taken about 80 mins, rather than the predicted 65mins! Hi Gang, having left the Froggitt at home, was awarded it for a further week! ON ON.

RUN 1993 RV: The Parish Lantern. Hare: 5 Minz. Hounds: Alimentarty, On 3, Hi Gang, Polly and Spice Boy. The ancient Greeks had a word for it. Alimentarty, himself an ancient Scot, most likely thought of an equally applicable term. The rotten so-and-so’s had cleared off into the night. The hounds hadn’t yet collectively realised that from the Parish Lantern this Hare’s out-trail had not varied in recent times from one trail to the next. All should have been together. Eventual relief from Alimentarty’s forlorn predicament was by sight of the superior flashing red light astern of Hi Gang. No longer as daunting for the experienced Hounds as it once was, the farm gate was readily unlatched, with knowledgeable Spice Boy in the lead. Lack of concentration by the excitable Hounds then resulted in a retracing of steps in order to find the way out from the farm, which was by a stile not previously used by the Hare and was once obscured by an overgrown hedge that had now been cut down to the ground. Stiles are often problematical. Considerable difficulty from the misfortune in limited skeletal mobility severely delayed Polly in getting his leg over. In spite of careful placement of blobs to avoid raising local concern, some homo sapiens nevertheless had scuffed many of them out; and twice it is thought, On3 uncovered checks deliberately obscured by piles of fallen leaves. Further on, the laid trail was declared impassable by the Hare because of a late realisation of no right-of-way. A small diversion was necessary. The Hare’s reliance on a defective memory was a mistake; should have taken a map when laying. Now, what was that word? Chaos, probably! ON ON, and sod the consequences.(Words kindly provided by 5 Minz)

RUN 1992 RV: The Grey Fisher. Hare: Fakir. Hounds: Alimentarty, 5 Minz and Hi Gang. On Wednesday morning a soggy piece of paper had been discarded in my household wheelie-bin. It had not been put there by me. Yet it was plainly intended that anyone lifting the lid should see it, and, what’s more, was orientated for observational ease of the cypher scrawled upon it. The Hash set off promptly at six. The Hare briefed it would be a short trail, of around two miles - welcome news to the Hounds because it was raining and too cold to hang about. Having left in such a hurry Hash Horn had forgotten his hash horn, and so retraced his steps to fetch it. Any latecomers, anticipated or otherwise, were nowhere in evidence so when he returned to the Pack, the quartet wended onward unconcerned. Among the dripping trees at the back of Harnham, being around one mile out and so with one mile remaining, and with timing that felt perfectly right, the Hare commented we would soon be home and dry. With one mind the Hounds made for home. But it was not to be – the Town Path lay ahead with whatever else that may have been guessed of the trail, to pursue at the other end. Once there and even though the Hare had advised where back-checks had been laid, one of the Pack had had enough, and pedalled off across the Close for the imminent warmth of the Pub. The other Hounds held out, completing the pre-set trail. The critique was by 5minz and, for exiting prematurely, the Hare, in whose custody it had been for the past week, awarded the Froggitt to Hi Gang. As for that mystery note and how it came to be in my bin, it said in block capitals “polly … …” Naturally, Polly of the Hash came instantly to mind. Then I read the whole thing, spaced more-or-less as follows; “polly  w  u  2  ’ere.” Had he been here this morning? Is that its meaning? Litter, I reasoned, put in my bin by a considerate passer-by, and thought no more about it. Later in the day I was asked if I had been to the bin. The soggy paper had been found stuck fast to my windscreen this morning. Well, must be litter then – having landed there during the night. Anyway, I had used wipers all the way home after the Hash and would have seen it if Polly had put it there while we were hashing. I still can’t think how the paper had remained intact, but I think I now understand the cryptogram and thus what actually happened. The middle bit was not meant to be read as I at first thought “were/where/why you two” but “w u z”, negative the spaces. ON ON daft buggers.(Words kindly provided by 5 Minz)

RUN 1991 RV: The Royal Oak, Devizes Rd Hare: Hi Gang Hounds: Alimentarty, 5 Minz, Slowcoach, All’s Well, Polly, Fakir and a late cycling On 3!   When the JM’s arrived shortly before the Witching Hour the Hare was found sat waiting on his own, but shortly other hounds arrived and the pack gathered on the pavement outside the RV. Fakir arrived on his bike and was welcomed. The Hare’s brief confirmed normal Wilton rules and that the trail was laid in flour and shavings depending upon the terrain. In answer to a question the Hare said there were also some of his signature 4-blob checks too. Checking commenced and the ‘On’ was soon called by Alimentarty along Queen Alexandra Rd, before the trail turned left down Robert’s Rd and looped back onto the Devizes Rd. The route then took the pack SE along the main road before turning left down the rough track towards the fields and the Avon valley beyond. The Hare noted that he had lost his Garmin GPS device from his bike in the area while checking out the route a few days before and despite some searching had not found it. So the hounds used their torches to look for any signs of it as they followed the trail around the edge of the field, sadly to no avail. At a check near Pembroke Park school Fakir and Polly went off checking on a path towards the school. When the ‘On’ was called in the opposite direction across the field Fakir soon reappeared, but Polly was nowhere to be seen despite much calling and horn blowing. However the hounds, having reached the far side of the field, a torch, seen shining in the distance, indicated that Polly was on his way too! Having reached the path along the bottom of the valley by the Avon who should come into view on his bike but On 3, fresh from his driving shift and still in his uniform! The trail then veered off the path towards the edge of the river bank and headed to the nearby bridge across from Stratford Mill. However it wasn’t to be past the mill as the trail turned left and headed to the bottom of stink pot alley. Was it to be in that direction? No, because the trail headed NW along the path instead to a check by a stile into the adjacent field. The ‘On’ was soon called into the field and All’s Well had to assist Polly in getting his leg over (the stile)! The field was crossed with the hounds taking care to avoid the numerous fresh cow pats, some with limited success! Having crossed into the next field it was a climb back up to the Devizes Rd. Was it to be ‘On Inn’ back along the road? No, the Hare had other ideas as the trail cut across towards Bemerton Heath with the Hare’s 4-blob checks being in evidence. Having gone along The Valley the route reached the bottom of St Michael’s Rd and the pack became separated, with All’s Well, Fakir and Slowcoach checking up the hill and then cutting through to Woodside Rd and not finding anything, while the rest of the pack followed the correct trail via a path and Heath Rd back to the Devizes Rd and the RV. The 3 errant hounds finally gave up looking and headed back via St Michael’s Rd and Queen Alexandra Rd. In the pub the crit was given by Alimentarty, he described the trail including the unsuccessful search for the Hare’s lost GPS, Polly going missing for a short time while checking and then needing help from All’s Well to get his leg over the stile. Finally the pack becoming separated, with the 3 hounds getting lost at the end and making their own way back! Overall the Hare was thanked for an excellent trail that had taken 80 mins. The ‘Frogit’ was awarded to Fakir for getting lost with the Hon Pres and All’s Well! On On!

RUN 1990 RV: Tally Ho Inn, Broughton Hare: Spice Boy Hounds: Alimentarty, 5 Minz, Slowcoach, Hi Gang, Polly and a non virtual Flashman this week, plus also a visitor, ‘Parcel Force’, from HOV H3.
Having gathered outside the RV and welcomed Parcel Force the Hare briefed that the trail was laid in R2D2 markings this week, but with no fishhooks and some explanation was needed to the pack on re-group markings, which for R2D2 are a circle with a cross inside that is a back-check for WH3. The Hare advised the route would be taking in new housing developments in the village and there would be a choice of route lengths later. Checking commenced and the ‘On’ was soon called west along Queenwood Rd before turning right into a familiar alleyway, but instead of heading along to Plough Gdns the trail turned left into a path along the backs of the houses, which took the hounds over a couple of interesting recent timber footbridges before emerging out at the location of the village millennium sign. More checking and it was across the Romsey Rd and some flexibility of body was then needed to get through a gap in the hedge and under a broken gate onto the sports field. Having travelled a short distance anti-clockwise around the edge of the field it was through another gate and back across the main road. The new housing developments were visited and there was some confusion over when was a bar not a bar? Apparently when it is used as part of R2D2 trail markings and is not a double bar! The old orchard area was visited and it was here, while some hounds were being assaulted by an over excited small dog that a late running Flashman caught up with the pack. The village school was passed before the trail headed along a path into a wooded area and emerged out along the bank of Wallop Brook. Having crossed the bridge over the brook and headed a short distance NE along a lane to reach Manor Farm it was a right turn and then along the familiar path SE at the rear of the houses. The water buffalo field was reached and the pack was given the chance of a short-cut back to the RV along Rectory Lane, but no one took that option so the trail continued along the path to the SE. At the next path junction the option of a medium length route was offered by the Hare and 3 hounds took that option while the remainder, along with the Hare, carried on SE for a long loop. Meanwhile the 3 hounds headed SE along Rookery Lane before finding a check at the gate where the path across the water meadow starts towards Mill House. Hi Gang checked further along the lane and was not seen again, apparently he had found blobs, and thought he was ‘On’ but eventually ran out of markings and decided to cut his losses and return back to the RV. Meanwhile 5 Minz and Slowcoach, the other two hounds, found their way across the meadow and through the strip of woodland to the Old Mill and then crossed Horsebridge Rd and joined the path that led NW past the rear of the properties bordering the aforementioned road. The rear of Chez Polly was passed and the trail continued along the path before finally turning right and heading down to the road, opposite the Post Office and back to the RV. Those on the longer route soon arrived back having joined up with the medium route. In the pub the crit was given by 5 Minz, he described the trail including the slight confusion at the start with the regroup check symbol, the difficulty of getting through the broken gate onto the sports field and the route through the new housing developments which led to some bewilderment for the WH3 pack due to the application of bars R2D2 style! Hi Gang checking along Horsebridge Rd and finding the long route but in the opposite direction was mentioned too! Overall the Hare was thanked for a good trail that had taken about the hour for 3.5 miles on the long route. 5 Minz was then presented with his certificate for 1100 runs missed last week. When the JM started his regular feature of reading a Hareline from 20 years ago the hounds mentioned seemed very familiar, when 5 Minz realized he was reading last week’s Hareline by mistake!! On 3 not being present there was no award of the Frogit this week. On On